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Dudley's Handmade shop is part of Dudley's Family and linked to Dudley's Hub the home of everything of Dudley, Dudley's Hub is the place to go if you want to know more about the owner and read about the blogs,

The owner is Daniel DudleyUK. The founder of Dudley's Scale Model Car's.

Official started in 2010 as a gamer on youtube then through the years and end of 2019 with his life going down hill he found himself with nothing he thought he deleted everything and he found is old.

The new channel in started of 2022 and he started his come back to the internet again but this time with his old name and new name he put more time into the new name as Dudley's Scale Model Car's to get that as his main go to name and in end of 2023 found out he needed a income to help him to keep the main channel going and to keep the stress down then started a ebay shop called Dudley's Handmade Shop.

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    I do have the help of computer's and printers but all of the cards are handmade made using uk cards and made using Cricut.The 3D models are made using my 3d machines. in my workshop. all the 3d models hand painted, using my paint booth.


    Dudley's Handmade Shop likes using local material and tries to keep the cost down for everybody, By doing I will do my best to use Royal Mail or you can pick it up only if your local. The payment for shipping will only be at cost , So the cost will go by the included , in the price of the model. Greeting cards will always be free shipping



    In every order you do with Dudley's Handmade Shop you will get a hand written note, receipt and if you order a card you get a envelope made for that card, If you order other stuff like 3D parts you still get a note. Even if you come back you will get a other,