How Dudley’s Handmade Shop make’s envelope

How Dudley’s Handmade Shop make’s envelope

I want to but a disclamer out there first and say the way I make it is a classic way and everybody make it the sameway as me, There is more than one way to do it, This way is the way I found easier and faster for me, If you want a card from my shop please click here. You can also use a cricut cutter, I did at the start and I found it’s to slow and it’s easier to do it by hand.

Here is a photo of the envelope’s done

I have used glue, tape and more to get the sides to stay down. I use glue and tape clear tape at thet, I also use color paper for the card and card for the shipping envelope with lable on is made out of card to try and keep it safe.

Get a A4 paper or card, I use both and it colour too.

If you want to use the same tools as me you can, The link’s will help keep the blog’s coming.

Here is the tool’s I use and got.

Here are the tools I am getting.

  • Lable Printer

  • Scoring Toot

But your card in the middle of the A4 paper and try and get the sides folded a same and try leave a space for the card move, I found when it or built it goes in easier and less chance of ripping the sides. The gap from the side of the card and the fold is like a needle gap.

Keep the card in it, move the card up till there is more on the bottom of the card then the top.

Take the card out and un-fold the paper/card and cut where the fold is. I found it easyer to cut streat on the bottom fold and on the top fold cut it like a V, This will help the fold when you get to the glueing part.

I get the fold bottom first the glue both sides then put it down then get the clear tape then but a slip on both sides bit on the fold and on the bottom main fold on both sides. Let the tape over lap over a bit, so you can but more tape on the bottom and over lap to try and stop it ripping when at the end.

Then do the same for the top.

Now it’s the middle from the bottom where you cut it straight and you but the straight tape from there, But the tape under the folded face then glue the top of it from bottom to top from the cut to the top cut.

Then re-fold, Take your time and try and fold straight and level, Then it’s done, What I like doing when I am doing the shipping envelopes is getting clear tape and tape the sides and the bottom, Then re-fold the top then glue under to the line and don’t get any glue on the inside envelope then but tape on top of the fold and to seal it, Then it’s done. Might of over taped but it’s safe and it’s a bit more water proof, Then but the label on then send it.

This photo is now out of date the shipping envelope is the same size as the card.

Thank you for your time and reading.

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