Welcome Home

Dudley's Handmade Shop is part of a network on the internet made by DanielDudleyUK or known by OfficialDudley, He made a website called Dudley's Hub it the face for everything he dose, He is a scale model builder on youtube known as Dudley's Scale Model Car's and that's where I restarted my brand after a long and dark road to here. In my past I did do a other youtube and I learned so I don't go back to the darkness and keep keep the stress down I started Dudley's Handmade Shop on eBay at first in 2024 to keep a good and slow and easy income, So I can keep doing what I love and that is my hobby what is scale model building, It's been a long time but I've always wanted to work for myself and becouse of my mental health I need this shop to work. I am still on ebay and I have done really well on there. I do do mostly handmade card's but in time will have more then card's for sale. The idear of this website is to try and get the orders done easyer on ebay you had set stuff, Like I sell a card for £0.99 and that's all in with the shipping and my time, On ebay I had to email the bayers before hand to see what thay want in the card on here you can pick on order, And the other thing is shipping I can send it to where they want it to or not but I had to email them before going sometime noone emailed back but emailed when it was wrong so this website is trying to stop that.